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10 essential Atjazz remixes

Atjazz10 essential Atjazz remixes… Around since the end of the nineties, Martin ‘Atjazz’ Iveson has developped a unique style, with his own imagination as the sole limit, crafting music with a futurist and therefore fresh approach. In gastronomy, we would definitely talk about modern cooking. In other words, the art which is his to come up with the perfect blend, whatever ingredient he may use and however he uses them, which means he has perfectly assimiltated his countless influences, from Jazz to African music, Classic, Soul, Funk, Chill and whatsoever, as illustrated on his reworks thereafter.
No need to say how this selection is way from being exhaustive. Nevertheless, you should find thereafter a pretty much illustrative sample of jams as to what our man is about…

10 essential Atjazz remixes / DJ Spen & The MuthaFunkaz, Sheila Ford & Marc Evans – I Miss U (Atjazz Love Soul Remix) (Code Red)
One of the most vibrant songs ever by the likes of Baltimore collective The Muthafunkaz (Irvin Madden, Gary Hudgins, DJ Spen, Sheila Ford, Marc Evans, Erin Madden & Gary Deane), with Atjazz beautifully enhancing its emotional content with aerial string lines over a syncopated rhythm pattern…
10 essential Atjazz remixes / Boddhi Satva feat Athenai & C Robert Walker – Who Am I (Atjazz Love Soul Remix) (Vega Records)
“One of a kind” is without a single doubt the first expression comin’ to mind whenever given a listen to this masterpiece dating back from 2010. From its message saying it all as to how we’re more than outer outer appearance (an image as displayed on the social networks) to its interpretation, with spoken word artist Athenai takin’ the lead along with smooth chorus courtesy of C Robert Walker. Not to mention the musical surroundings as given a somehow delicate and cinematic feel with the introduction of vibrant string lines over a swinging bass-driven groove, by the likes of Atjazz who signed here one of his best remixes ever…
10 essential Atjazz remixes / Jazzanova – Dance The Dance (Atjazz Remix)(Sonar Kollektiv)
Among the very rare compositions speakin’ of which superlatives are missin’ as far as I’m humbly concerned. By the likes of Berlin-based collective of DJ’s/producers Jazzanova who, for almost 20 years now, have established their reputation while putting out some of the most fascinating futuristic jams one can think of. Some would speak about Nu-Jazz, others about Future Jazz, when not Broken Beat, but who cares at the end? One of the highlights of the 2002 released ‘In Between’ album on Jazzanova/Compost Records, with Tampa-based drummer/percussionist/singer Doug Hammond vibrantly givin’ all their dimension to its uplifting lyrics on an atmospheric cinematic jazzy feel.
A jam that would receive the remix treatment courtesy of Atjazz 9 years later as a part of the ‘Upside Down’ album on Sonar Kollektiv, with the latter expanding its futuristic feel in an incredible blend of fragments of Classical, Jazz, cinematic, and House vibes over a devastating funky bassline somehow reminding of Roy Ayers‘s ‘Run, Run, Run’.
10 essential Atjazz remixes / Leon Ware – On The Beach (Atjazz Love Soul Remix) (Expansion House)
The contribution of Leon Ware, as a composer, songwriter and eventually producer is one of a kind. Remembered for his work on the Marvin Gaye‘s classic ‘I Want You’, his so to say client list includes people such as Minnie Riperton, Quincy Jones, Michael Jackson, The Isley Brothers and Donny Hathaway, not to mention Maxwell whom he helped producing the 1996 released ‘Maxwell’s Urban Hang Suite’, seen as one of the landmarks album in the said Neo-Soul genre.
Strangely released as the flipside of ‘Step By Step’, a single which he released back in 2011 on Ralph Tee‘s Expansion Records label, this absolute jewel that we heavily championed on our Facebook page back then received the expert remix treatment by the likes of Atjazz, who although remaining respectful with the original atmosphere of the song, gave it a modern groove twist with absolute class…
10 essential Atjazz remixes / Mi Casa – La Vida (Atjazz Remix) (Soul Candi)
By the likes of the first ever live House Music act in South Africa. Taken from their 2011 released ‘Mi Casa Music’ album on Soul Candi, another brilliant remix by the likes of… Atjazz adding much to the vibrant vocal performance of Portugal-born band member Joao Fonseca aka J’Something. A definitive piece of (he)art as far as Lusofonia is concerned, but not only…
10 must have Atjazz remixes / Incognito – Freedom To Love (Atjazz Remix) (Reel People Music)
Co-written by Incognito‘s mastermind Jean-Paul ‘Bluey’ Maunick with long time collaborator Dominic Ski Oakenfull, and released as a part of their 2008 released ‘Tales From The Beach’ album on Dôme Records. A pretty much inspiring message delivered by the instantly recognizable Tony Momrelle, leavin’ the door open for those who try, given a new life 4 years after as licensed on Reel People Music with 2 remix packages, respectively by the likes of Reel People themselves and Atjazz
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