Monday, July 24, 2017

Adam Cruz – Diamond Girls (Pirahnahead’s Vocal Mix) (Mixtape Sessions)

Those who know Adam – I happen to be among the ones who do – could tell you how the man never misses an opportunity to celebrate what/who he loves. Music, from the early days when he happened to be working for Mel Cheren‘s West End Records label to his joint venture with Josh Milan giving birth to the Honeycomb Label. His friends which he blesses with his regular attentions. Not to mention the members of his family, which is exactly where he is to be found on this song dedicated to his young daughters, that got released last September and is now given a new life by Detroit producer Pirahnahead (who also happens to be a long time friend). The latter putting the song into a bright Afro-Latinesque jazzy environment perfectly fitting with its blend of English/Spanish lyrics…

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