Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Alton Miller – Together (Seed Recordings)

No need havin’ a wide angle lense on your camera to realize how things fit as far as music is concerned. Just see how people are bumpin’ their heads while havin’ a drink and you’ll have the beginning of an answer. ‘Together’ is nothing else but the kind of a groove that captures the listener from the very first note, with the ability to transform her/him into an all-night long dancer. Nothing really complicated though in terms of concept (this being the case with a big majority of those jams which have become all-time classics along the years). Just the right elements at the right place: a cool bongo-driven beat, some lush key/synths arrangements used as a rhythm line, an infectious phonky bassline, a sensitive interpretation with warm lyrics, being for much on the intimacy of this cool groover. In other words what I’d be tempted to consider as an irresistibly seducing slice of modern Soul. A cut that would feature two years after on Miller‘s ‘Light Years Away’ album on Canadian label Mixed Signals Music…

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