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Blaze feat. Ultra Naté – Wonderful Place (Afro Remix)

Classics: Blaze feat. Ultra Naté ‎- Wonderful Place (Bobby & Steve & James Ratcliff Afro Remix) (SuSU)

One of the peak tracks by the likes of Underground Dance Artists United For Life… A collective of artists which Blaze put together with the aim to get funds for the research against AIDS in the early 2000’s. The sultry Ultra Naté takes the lead on this definitive masterpiece. Bobby & Steve (Lavinière) together with James Ratcliff givin’ it a delicious and timeless jazzy African feel, featuring Natahan Haines on sax and flute.

Those talented people just managed to drive us to a ‘Wonderful Place’, don’t you think?

Formed by the mid-80’s, Blaze progressively made themselves the depository of a unique sound. Eventually being to House Music what New Jack Swing happened to be to R&B. In other words, from a blend of Gospel, Jazz, Afro, Latin and Funk influences.
Initially a threesome with Chris Herbert who left by the beginning of the 90’s, Kevin Hedge and Josh Milan have crafted some of the most vibrant pieces of music one might think of. From the early Phase II‘s ‘Reachin’ to the anthemic ‘Lovelee Day’. From the soothing ‘Wishing You Were Here’ to the infectious ‘Funky People ‘ featuring Cassio Ware. And the list goes on, not to mention their memorable collaborations with Louie Vega.

They released a total of 5 albums in a 15 years period of time. They are also responsible for the UDAUFL album. A concept album which featured a myriad of luminaries with the aim to collect funds to fight against AIDS.

Blaze came to an end in the second half of the 2000’s. With Milan running his own Honeycomb label from then. And Hedge sharing the duties behind the decks with Louie Vega at the weekly Roots party at NYC Cielo.

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