Monday, June 26, 2017

Clara Hill – Lonely Glow (King Britt Archive)

What would life ever be without those opening new boundaries??? Most likely like clicking on Repeat on a tape recorder, I would tend to think… Hopefully some of us do, or should I say dare doin’ regardless the risk they may take in a world where comfort tends to be synoymous with conformism. A word which is definitely out of Berlin-based singer Clara Hill‘s vocabulary. No wonder to such extend why she teamed up with Philly-based producer (and long time friend also) King Britt on this new episode of her venture. This resulting in like Ultra HD Ambient/Soul as illustrated on this vibrant and sultry song bringing us to Smooth Electronic territories adding much to the lady’s vocal performance. The first offshot from her new album, delivered with additional remixes courtesy of Atjazz among others which definitely doesn’t come as a surprise!
Download from Bleep.

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