Monday, May 29, 2017

Empress – Control It (Prelude)

The history of contemporary music is paved with a whole bunch of interrogations, when not mysteries. Artistic disagreement, lack of motivation/finances, discouragement, A&R/marketing mistakes… As many reasons that tend to explain along with time how and why so many pieces of music would never get a proper release and therefore remain in the shadow, despite an obvious appeal…
I quite didn’t get, back in the day, why Trudy Schlachter‘s Prelude label, despite their established reputation for putting out top quality jams, didn’t give a proper 12″ release to this jam used as the opener to Empress‘s one and only eponymous album, on the heels of the anthemic ‘Dyin’ To Be Dancing’ and Take A Risk’ to a lesser extend. A massive synth led joint with singer Gail Smith doin’ her thing in the middle of a killer horn riff over a funky bass driven groove featuring Crown Heights Affair and produced by band leaders Bert Reid and William ‘Bubba’ Anderson

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