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Faith Evans: Fragile in an… Incomparable way!

Faith Evans (Fragile Video)The wait has now come to an end with the delivery of Faith Evans‘s ‘Scandal’-inspired video to her new single – ‘Fragile’ – along with the release of ‘Incomparable’, her eighth album to date. In this cinematic clip, the Grammy Award-winning artist stars as the United States’ First Lady (a reminder of the title of her album of the likes released back in 2005?!?) alongside Pooch Hall as the President and her unfaithful man, eventually cheating on her with one of his staff members, meanwhile she keeps with a smile on her face, doin’ as if everything’s fine… A touching screenplay which some might be tempted to compare to her relation with the late Notorious B.I.G., dubbed with the right musical atmosphere, bringing us back to the souvenir of a melancholic Soul as subtly underlined by the presence of a sample of The Mamas & The Papas’ ‘California Dreamin”. Not necessarily surprising considering what she said on  “I put a synopsis together based on the song titles and they form a story and it’s basically the story of my romantic life post-divorce…”
As for the album itself, it sees Evans re-teaming with Missy Elliott on its first off-shot (‘I Deserve It), but also collaborating with her protegee, Sharaya J, Problem,  KeKe Wyatt and Karen Clark-Sheard. “Missy used to stay with me part time when she was an up and coming writer”, she said on “This was when she was getting a lot of her early writing gigs for 702 and when the Aaliyah work started coming in. She was coming to New York from Virginia and staying in hotels. And later when we became friends, I told her, ‘You can stay here. My daughter is back and forth in New Jersey and I’m on the road.’ Missy was just my homie who was super talented. I remember her giving me cassette tapes of songs she’d written and her going in the other room while I listened to them. Because she was so shy and didn’t want to be there when I heard them. And I was like: ‘Are you crazy? This is amazing!’ I’ve always been a fan and I’ve always known she was going to be great.”
“This album is my favorite because it reminds me a lot of my debut and my Faithfully album, which are two fan favorites”, she explained. “‘Incomparable’ has the interludes that my fans know me for, different tempos, and I tapped into a couple of different inspirations. I sampled Mamas & The Papas, D-Train, and an Aretha Franklin record. So it has a nice balance of Hip-Hop and R&B…
I definitely didn’t make my album with the goal of it fitting in with anything other than what I feel is worthy of being a part of my catalog and where I’m at as an artist and as a businesswoman. The recorded product is about my artistry more than anything. The deal I did is more about the businesswoman. I haven’t changed my creative passion. The commercial landscape of the music business is totally different. There are not many outlets in terms of selling and making music. It’s more about singles as opposed to albums. But that hasn’t changed my passion about going into the studio to create a great body of work…”
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