Monday, July 24, 2017

Flamez firing on Daft Punk’s ‘omt’

fuego_flamez_omtNo matter what, “all roads lead to Rome”, with the one that led me to the Bronx, NY, where Fuego Flamez is hailing from, being no less but some incidental research which got me to discover him flying at #1 position on the Billboard real time Trending #140 chart.
My curiosity tickled, I would then check his tune on Soundcloud, instantly taken by the familiar feeling it spreads, taking on where Daft Punk‘s ‘One More Time’ left back some 15 years ago.
Not a newcomer Flamez has made his classes along with the Spanish Side as with PME label head Myzery who made it his business to assume the role of big brother/musical role model for Flamez when he lost his parents at an early age…
“It’s a good thing he stepped in, because at that point all he was seeing was red, and all he felt was an itchy trigger finger. His attention was refocused and his purpose was reprogrammed”, said Myzery about him on Faygoluvers. He was brought up on a steady diet of- Spanish Syde, Hip-Hop, R&B, ICP, Old School, and whatever else Myz force-fed him through his speaker stack. “Nowadays, when you hear from Flamez, it’s meticulously conveyed through his own form of audio visualization. At a time when the streets almost took his life, or where the prisons almost took his freedom, he was taught to vent through his music instead. Ironically, and through the expression of music, he tapped into a hidden talent that leaves his most lasting impression…comedy. While armed with verses to make a grown man cry, he can just as easily bring a man to tears… of laughter. He’s arguably the funniest dude on PME and it’s really beginning to surface…”

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