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Herbie Hancock – Stars In Your Eyes (Columbia)

Most Wanted! Herbie Hancock – Stars In Your Eyes (Columbia)

Like many of his pairs back then (Idris Muhammad, Alphonse Mouzon, Bill Summers…) Herbie Hancock came to blend his Jazz upbringing with Disco, Funk and Electronic vibes.

Hard not to think about the memorable ‘Headhunters’ featuring the seminal ‘Chameleon’ back in 1973. But also of the 1979 released ‘Feets Don’t Fail Me Now’ with cuts such as ‘You Bet Your Love’ or ‘Ready Or Not’. With ‘Monsters’, released the year after, completing the series…

Taken from the latter, ‘Stars In Your Eyes’ definitely counts among the stand out masterpieces from this period. A melllow bouncing jam co-written by Ray Parker, Jr. and Lisa Capuano. The late Gavin Christopher‘s vocal performance enhancing its emotional content.

In the vein of those gems such as Idris Muhammad‘s ‘For Your Love’.

‘Chameleon’ (from the title of one of his biggest classics)! What a better word to describe an artist who’s explored all the facets of the groove since his debut (as a jazzman) back at the end of the 60’s? An artist who spent his time breaking the boundaries while incorporating elements of Funk, Electronic, and eventually House and Drum & Bass on his repertoire.

A quick look at Herbie Hancock‘s discography suffices to have a better understanding about the man’s status. Herbie Hancock stands among the most profilfic and versatile artists in the contemporary music. From his countless contributions with luminaries such as Ron Carter, Chick Corea, and Freddie Hubbard, to name but a very (few). To his own repertoire!

Hancock has nothing but spent his whole like redefining his art. From classic Jazz to its most experiental forms, as if it was (simply) instinctual…

Gavin Christopher Wright sadly died the day before his 60th Birthday, on Mar. 04, 2016.
The brother of House diva Shawn Christopher, Gavin has (also) shown quite a versatility working with artists from Rufus & Chaka Khan to Grandmaster Flash and also (a young) Mariah Carey back then.
A songwriter, singer, arranger and producer, he has released 4 albums on his own from 1976 until 1988. His biggest classic being ‘One Step Closer To You’ released on Manhattan Records back in 1986.

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