Thursday, July 27, 2017

JoVonn feat. Kaaye – My Angel (JoVonn Main) (Next Moov Records)

So many souvenirs getting back to mind when havin’ a listen to this masterpiece. The one of regular meetings in Miami along with the late Kaaye (K.T. Brooks) and his long time friend Dennis Ferrer, but also with JoVonn, eventually havin’ a drink with him in front of his hotel… I remember when I first got to hear the promo 12″ that got given to me. I couldn’t help myself telling the latter how he managed to get the right formula before willing to get it on the first volume of my ‘Ritmo Suave’ compilation for Universal. Kaaye responsible for another one of a kind vocally speakin’; the piano, bass guitar and organ just bein’ the icing on the cake on this infectious solid rhythm programming…

No video available for this, but instead a player!
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