Monday, June 26, 2017

Lyle Divinsky – Uneven Floors

That moment when you need an album that puts a smile on your face and you stumble upon Lyle Divinsky‘s ‘Uneven Floors’. A record built with real musicians, an album recorded as it was usual in the good ol’ days from a young artist hailing from Portland, ME: love and the sun sparkling in every song is something so rare to find nowadays!
‘Uneven Floors’ is a non skip album, where Lyle welcomes you through a journey that heals.
This album opens up lights and shadows of everyone. There is something for everyone to resonate in this almost one hour of music. Yes, there is love and regret, there is pain and struggle, but there is always a light shining through. You will be surprised moving your feet while ‘Fallin’ is playing, go deep into yourself with Lyle guesting his father Phil on the ‘You Want To Leave’ ballad, or discover the full Lyle’s potential in the layered title track with its progression of emotions, sounds and singing…
By the end of the trip, you will be overwhelmed by the bass groove on which ‘Serious Web’ is built on, and you’ll just push ‘play’ again, from the beginning, feeling better.
‘Uneven Floors’ is a full album, and it brings a message that each of us can live every day: “Love gonna get us through, because you got me and I got you.”
Feel some Lyle love here, full band and enjoy some live music you will have to singalong…

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