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Olga Makovetskaya: Moving on with Incognito!

Olga Makovetskaya feat. Incognito: Got To Keep Moving On (label)Globalization is full of benefits for the open-minded, leading to collaborations that would have been hardly possible a few years ago, such as this meeting between Jean Paul-Bluey Maunick of Incognito and Russian songstress Olga Makovetskaya (ольга-маковецкая)…

I don’t think it would be of any offense stating that the groove is not the first thing one might think of when coming to talk about music hailing from the East European countries…

Of course, digging deeper and you would realize how the former Yugoslavians have had quite an active Disco scene. Meanwhile, Jazz would set up itself as a sign of resistance in Poland, facing the communist regime. And eventually in Eastern Germany (although for different reasons). A country which also had quite an active scene back then, as recaptured by Jazzanova in a compilation titled ‘Formation 60’.

Of course, one might remember Latin/Pop Jazz Polish singer Basia Trzetrzelewska. An artist who, along with Matt Bianco as on her own soon after, made quite some noise in the 80’s.

Last but not least, there’s also this legendary Electro Hip-Hop real to real live mix performance by the likes of Latvian DJ’s Pasaules and jeb Modris Skaistkalns. Two guys known as Mr Tape back in 1991 (at a time when Latvia was still a part of the USSR), during the DMC World Championship finals at Wembley Arena. Meanwhile some of you might have heard of Pavel Hotin , Dmitry Rubegov and Vlad Lozinsky. The latter being the first Russian composer using new technology to create music by the beginning of the 90’s. Three guys, together united as Tetris with their first album released back in 2001 on Pork Recordings (the home of Fila Brazillia and Baby Mammoth among others).

And we also could add to the list people like Bogdan Taran, Mario Basanov, Dave Storm and a few others. But it remains fair to say they got more audience in the West than in their native East. A region vastly dominated by Techno/EDM driven sounds…

Olga MakovetskayaIt is to say how Ekaterinburg-born Soul/Jazz singer Ольга Маковецкая (read: Olga Makovetskaya) comes as a breathe of fresh air. This with a new single – ‘Got To Keep Moving On’ – along with no one else but Brit-Jazz famous Incognito. Enough reasons to see in her a name with an obvious potential. Just as confirmed by Incognito‘s Jean-Paul Bluey Maunick who performed on stage with her…
“Upon meeting her I was bowled over not only with her enthusiasm and beauty, but her musicality. She has an incredible range, great pitch and improvises effortlessly. Her charming Russian accent adds to her personality as she takes complete control of the delivery of her performances. Therefore providing the listener with a unique and sensual experience song after song!”

Olga Makovetskaya is no new comer though. She has matured since early age meanwhile participating to countless competitions and festivals. “I started singing before playing”, she explains on her site. “I owe this to my mom who I saw playing piano and singing as a music teacher. She noticed I had a good ear and voice and took care of me very soon. My life took a key turn when I was 9, falling irrevocably in love with Jazz while listening to records by Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan, and Billie Holiday…”

She would enter the Moscow Classical Music Academy at the age of 19 to perfect her skills. She eventually became one of the 10 finalists of TV show ‘Become A Star’. And also finalist of Eurovision preselection 2012 with a song called ‘Positive Emotions!’. Meanwhile she contributed to various local bands such as Jazz Girl, Dolce Vita and Ayskrim.
“All of this has given me a great experience! Through this art, I want to penetrate the heart and soul of the crowd. I want to get them to rejoice with me. To become an integral part of our little game! Love really inspires me and gives me strength, self-confidence and inspiration!” Something you could really feel on the little clip recapturing a rehearsal session of her live performance along with Incognito in Soho that shows her singing… ‘Too Much In Love’!

In other words, and to make this short: from Russia, with love (and Olga Makovetskaya)!

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