Friday, May 26, 2017

The B.B.&Q. Band – All Night Long

Change (who would be for much in the recognition of the late Luther Vandross when he appeared as their lead singer back in 1979), High Fashion, Zinc and The B.B. & Q. Band which featured the late Curtis Hairston all had a common point. A unique (signature) sound put together by Mauro Malavasi along with Davide Romani (on bass) and Jacques Fred Petrus (who acted more as an executive producer), somehow compared with the one of Chic, although with a European feel.
Titled ‘All Night Long (She’s Got The Moves I Like)’, the opening cut to their 1982 released album of the likes, featuring luminaries such as Alyson Williams, Fonzi Thornton, Johnny Kemp, Leroy Burgess and Tawatha Agee on backing vocals.

Petrus who got accused of tax evasion by the US Internal Revenue Service in 1986, put his activities on hold and fled to his native Guadeloupe. He got shot a few months after, in the late Spring of 1987, reportedly by a Swiss man he had a dispute with a few hours before at his owned club L’Elysée Matignon in Le Gosier…

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