Saturday, June 24, 2017

V/A: Disco Love 4 – compiled by Al Kent (BBE Music)

When you think about compilations, usually you crash into dilemma.
Is this a point of view of what’s hype now, in the “Now, That’s What I Call (insert whatever)”?
Is this a point of view of some idiots pretending that if it is rare, then it is a masterpiece to feed up their ego (“Yes, Bruh, because I found this rare obscure jam, bruh, this is a masterpiece because I am a musical snob”)?
And, well, finally you will discover that there is no dilemma at all when you stumble upon Al Kent‘s work, ‘Disco Love 4 compiled by Al Kent’…

Fact: Music connects people, so the main ingredient is to share the pearls we discover (as we are digging crates or we are listening randomly on radio – well, mostly web radio?!?)
Fact: Al Kent does this.
Fact: You can find a song you love, but as in the good old days of Paradise Garage or Dave Mancuso’s Loft or in the Frankie Knuckles vein, you need to put that extra thing to make it work on the dancefloor.
Fact: Well, yes, Al Kent is thinking about the dancefloor where people properly dance, where people do not stare to a light show or to a guy pretending to push the buttons!!!
Fact: Well, Al Kent‘s ‘Disco Love’ is all of this and more.
His fourth installment comes as the best so far, including gems like ‘I’d Rather Leave On My Feet’ from Emanuel Laskey, classy re edited (this the personal touch mentioned above) and brought back to its full dancefloor glory. You will never stop to sing and dance while listening to it.
Err. ok, you can do the same with the Al Kent re edit of ‘Running Away From Love’ directly from the glorious 70’s and now shining back in the 2010’s.
I can go on for a couple of pages, but I don’t want to waste your time reading: there is no ‘filler’ here, so you can set the ‘random’ button and enjoy the whole lot: nothing disappoints, as the promo below can be self-explanatory.
And yes, again, moreover, there is plenty of music here, and there is something extra for your party: The Monster ‘Al Kent Continuous Mix’. You can push play here and let the flow go for one hour of newly discovered Soul/Disco tunes that will make your party (and well, yes, if you are a musical snob, your reputation can shine a little more among your friends until they will discover that this is Al Kent love for sharing his discoveries)!!!

Fact: Yes, we want more on this collection, and we keep our fingers crossed because if Al Kent manages to find other gems, we’re sure he will be happy to share them with us all.

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