Sun. Feb. 18, 2018
  • Jaidene Veda: Heart Of Gold

    Jaidene Veda: Heart Of Gold! (Q&A)

    IDMW NYC-based correspondant Amanda Frontany met Jaidene Veda. The Canadian (Deep) House songstress evokes what makes her style so unique. From her influences, vocal as visual, to the ones she collaborated with on her 2017 released ‘Heart Of Gold’ album… [Read More…]

  • Paul Randolph

    Paul Randolph: Believer (Q&A)

    ‘Believer’ is not only the title of a memorable gem by the likes of Jazzanova and Paul Randolph. It also illustrates what this singer / bassist is about, constantly exploring new horizons, meanwhile bringing his Soul, Jazz, Funk influences a contemporary feel… [Read More…]

  • McFadden and Whitehead

    Ain’t no stoppin’ McFadden and Whitehead!

    History is full of songs which happened to be the ones of a lifetime. Beginning with Gene McFadden and John Whitehead’s highly influential ‘Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now’ nowadays given a cover version by the likes of Stan Mosley. Flashback… [Read More…]

  • Sir LSG: Moving Circles

    Sir LSG: Moving Circles (Q&A)

    ‘Moving Circles’, the title of South African producer Sir LSG’s debut-album pretty much embodies the evolution of an artist and, in the meantime, of a scene who reached the full maturity. Such as illustrated by its concept showcasing a vibrant musicianship… [Read More…]

  • Josh Milan: Music Is Love

    Josh Milan: Music Is Love and Love Is What We Need!

    IDMW NYC-based correspondant Amanda Frontany met Josh Milan. He evokes his life as an American citizen, as the label head of Honeycomb Music. His past as one half of Blaze. And his future with the release of his awaited debut-album, ‘6.9.69’, coming out in February… [Read More…]

10 essential Valentine mellow jams Part 2

10 essential Valentine mellow jams Part 2

by indamixworldwide in Spotlight 0

Life wouldn’t be certainly what it is without our beloved one. Time to show her/him love with 10 extra selected Valentine mellow jams in the series. Wishin’ you all a Happy Valentine’s Day! [Read More…]

IDMW Tennerz

  • Nathan Adams & Sabrina Joy - Love Yourself
    Soulful House

    Nathan Adams & Sabrina Joy – Love Yourself

    Thu. Feb. 08, 2018 0

    London-based multi-tasking artist Nathan Adams teamin’ up with the sultry Sabrina Joy on the self encouraging ‘Love Yourself’. With production work courtesy of Sean McCabe. One word to qualify this: bliss!!! [Read More…]

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Collector’s corner

  • Patti LaBelle - The Spirit's In It
    Jazz / Groove

    Patti LaBelle – The Spirit’s In It (P.I.R.)

    Thu. Feb. 15, 2018 0

    ‘The Spirit’s In It’ as it may never have been before on Patti LaBelle’s gem of the likes. With the lady, her producers and musicians reachin’ some unequalled level. Meanwhile bringing the Philadelphia Sound to another dimension… [Read More…]

Single Of The Week

  • Doug Gomez feat. Unqle Chriz - My Everything
    Soulful House

    Doug Gomez feat. Unqle Chriz – My Everything

    Fri. Feb. 16, 2018 0

    Why the hell havin’ a specific date for Valentine’s Day when we could celebrate it every single day? The vibrant ‘My Everything’ by the likes of Doug Gomez and Unqle Chriz comin’ up as a possible response on a smooth’n jazzy vibe… [Read More…]

Gone too soon…

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  • Club Music in France: from the top to below zero

    Club Music in France: from the top to below zero

    Mon. Jan. 08, 2018 0

    How Paris who, back in the days of Disco Music, became one of the world capitals of the nightclubbing, never achieved to maintain its glorious status. No more than a French production who, despite the existence of obvious talents, has never managed to set up a sustainable standard of quality… [Read More…]

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