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10 essential Disco Funk tracks…

10 essential Disco Funk tracks10 essential Disco Funk tracks… Like always, a selection is per definition limited, and God knows how Disco would definitely not have sounded the same without the regular experimentations which have paved its way… Such as when it came to integrate Funk, Jazz, Rock or Electronic along with analog synthesized sounds. Even though the line might be thin at times from a category to another. With this engendering inevitable debates between die hard fans and music lovers. As a result, many are the gems we couldn’t talk about here, even though they would definitely have deserved a mention.

No need to say how this selection is way from being exhaustive, most likely due to find an extension later when the right time comes. Nevertheless, you should find thereafter a pretty much illustrative sample of highly energetic jams where the infectiousness of the groove predominates.
Wishing you’ll enjoy the ride as much as we did, while putting this together for you. With your feedback, and a mention of your favorite song more than welcome.

10 essential Disco Funk tracks / K.C. & The Sunshine Band – Get Down Tonight (T.K. Records)
Miami producers Harry W. Casey and Rick Finch established a unique and instantly identifiable sound back in the mid 70’s. Be it when collaborating with artists such as Jimmy ‘Bo’ Horne or under their K.C. & The Sunshine Band guise. Blending stellar keys and firing horn parts over funk bass driven grooves. The brilliant and insane ‘Get Down Tonight’ stands among their highlights along with cuts such as ‘That’s The Way’, ‘Shake Shake Shake’ or ‘I’m Your Boogie Man’. Not to mention ‘Please Don’t Go’ although on a mellower vein.
10 essential Disco Funk tracks / Isaac Hayes – Don’t Let Go (Polydor)
On the heels of the firing ‘Disco Connection’ which he released back in 1975 as Isaac Hayes Movement, Ike pushin’ the move forward 4 years later. This time using a synth funk driven 4X4 Disco beat along with stellar strings and burning horns. Therefore showing another of his countless facets and making proof of his undeniable versatility in a quite syncopated vein this time…
10 essential Disco Funk tracks / Don Armando’s Second Avenue Rhumba Band – Deputy Of Love (ZE Records)
There’s an instant feeling of familiarity when coming to listen to this gem. No wonder why as DASARB happened to be a spin-off group of Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band. This explaining the flamboyance of their arrangements. With percussionist Don Armando Bonilla in the drivers’ seat along with female singer Fonda Rae, surrounded by an impressive line-up of sessions musicians. With production work by the likes of Sugar Coated Andy Hernandez, better known as Coati Mundi. ‘Deputy Of Love’ the title track of their one off album also saw the light in a rare version in Spanish titled ‘Diputado Del Amor’.
10 essential Disco Funk tracks / Undisputed Truth – You + Me = Love (Whitfield Records)
Producer Norman Whitfield but together Undisputed Truth back in 1970 and brought them to Motown. There, they released 6 albums, but also backed groups such as The Temptations for instance. Eventually delivering the original version of ‘Law Of The Land’ which the latter covered soon after. Following Whitfield when he launched his label, their line-up slightly changed with the notorious arrival of Chaka Khan‘s sister Taka Boom takin’ the lead. From their ‘Method To The Madness’ album, ‘You + Me = Love’, is an 11+ minutes of pure psychedelic funkiness. With Boom reachin’ a rare level and Michael Moore delivering a killer sax part…
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