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10 essential Prelude Records gems

10 essential Prelude Records gems / Unlimited Touch – I Hear Music In The Street (Prelude Records)
Put together by Crown Heights Affair producers Raymond Reid and William Anderson, although they didn’t manage to be members of the band, Unlimited Touch released two albums on Prelude Records which scored the rights from Epic-UK. With its strings arranged by Bert DeCoteaux and mixing work courtesy of François Kevorkian, the aforementioned, taken from their 1981 released self-titled debut-album stands as their biggest classic ever along with ‘Searchin’ To Find The One’ taken from the same LP.
10 essential Prelude Records gems / Musique – Keep On Jumpin’ (Prelude Records)
Speaking of Musique on, label head Marvin Schlatcher remembers: “There was no artist named Musique when Patrick Adams produced that for us. It was only after the recrod started doing well that we created a group.” A group made of sessions singers Christine Wiltshire, Denise Edwards, Gina Taylor, Jocelyn Brown, Marissa DeJan and Mary Seymour together with Adams. The title cut of their self-titled debut-LP (here as well more of an EP than an album), the ultra Disco ‘Keep On Jumpin’ is their signature jam along with ‘In The Bush’ from the same collection…
10 essential Prelude Records gems / Hi-Gloss – You’ll Never Know (Prelude Records)
Giuliano Salerni added his name to a consistent list of Italian Disco producers back in the day, putting together this transcient studio band featuring luminaries such as Luther Vandross and Ullanda McCullough (among others) on backing vocals, producer Timmy Allen on bass, Jimmy Young on drums and Kae Williams (Change, BB&Q Band) on keyboards. Altogether they released their self-titled debut-album which would be their only one, out of which the mellow ‘You’ll Never Know’ is remembered as their signature cut….
10 essential Prelude Records gems / Starshine – All I Need Is You (Prelude Records)
Released back in 1983, ‘All I Need’ would be a one-off for this studio project put together by the mysterious M-Traxxx with rhythm arrangements by the likes of Bernadette Alston (Touché – ‘Wrap It Up’) and Darrell Alston, synth programming by the likes of Skip Anderson (Twennynine, Lew Kirton, Luther Vandross) and mixing work courtesy of François Kevorkian. Its 12″ promo copy happened to be the subject of heavy bids on eBay back in the mid-2000’s…
10 essential Prelude Records gems / Empress – Dyin’ To Be Dancin’ (Prelude Records)
Empress released only one album (self-titled) back in 1981, but what a stand out one!!! Featuring no one else but the Crown Heights Affair line-up (Arnold ‘Muki’ Wilson, Bert Reid, James Baynard, Ray Rock, and Skip Boardley with producers Raymond Reid and William Anderson) around singer Gail Smith. The rumblin’ bass-driven ‘Dyin’ To Be Dancin’ with mixing work courtesy of François Kevorkian remaining their most famous jam ever, although their album happened to be full of other goodies such as ‘Take A Risk’, ‘Take Me Along’ or ‘Control It’….
10 essential Prelude Records gems / Sharon Redd – Can You Handle It (Prelude Records)
The half-sister of Penny Ford, the late Sharon Redd has left a consistent legacy in the history of contemporary music. Be it from her early days in the late 60’s as from her memorable appearence on famous musical comedy ‘Hair’ or her work alongside Bette Middler and Norman Connors prior to become the most successful female artist on Prelude where she released 3 albums between 1980 and 1983. Taken from self-titled debut-album, the Willie Lester & Rodney Brown produced ‘Can You Handle It’, featuring Bobby Thurston on backing vocals, was the start of an impressive series of sought after gems for the team, with other goodies such as ‘You Got My Love’, ‘Never Give You Up’, ‘Beat The Street’ and ‘Love How You Feel’…

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