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10 essential Summer jams / Cast your fav!

10 essential Summer jams / Baiser – Summer Breeze (Celsius)
A quick look back at history and you would realize how the Canadian scene had so much on offer back in the Disco days. With the first names coming to mind being Gino Soccio and Lime. Not to mention France Joli or Claudja Barry to name but a very few, in an enviroment that gave birth to countless transient projects. From Boule Noire (‘Aimer d’amour’) to Metropole (‘Miss Manhattan’) among others. Baiser (which means Kiss) adding their name to the list with the Boogie Jazzy ‘Summer Breeze’. With thanks to the awesome vocal arrangements and stellar production by the likes of François L’Herbier.
10 essential Summer jams / Kool & The Gang – Summer Madness
Just like Earth, Wind & Fire and The Commodores, Kool & The Gang had 2 lives. They most likely opened their account in the early 70’s in a blend of Jazz and Funk vibes. Eventually exploring lascivious ambient territories on the influential ‘Summer Madness’. A cut which, just like Manuel Göttsching‘s ‘E2 E4’ stands as a chill out / Ambient manifesto. DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince eventually borrowing parts of it on the memorable ‘Summer Time’. But also Ray Hayden obviously getting some inspiration from it on Opaz featuring Maysa Leak‘s ‘When We’re Makin’ Love’…
10 essential Summer jams / R. Kelly – Summer Bunnies (Jive)
“Summer bunnies drive me crazy…” R&B/New jack Swing crooner R. Kelly going straight to the point with the sexy in yer face ‘Summer Bunnies’. Bringin’ us to the image of the inevitable bimbos brought to our screens on films or series shot on location at Miami Beach. Blending Hip-Hop parts along with his voice singin’ style itself reminding of Aaron Hall if not Charlie Wilson. The whole, no surprsingly over a bassline which he got from the Gap Band‘s classic ‘Outstanding’.
10 essential Summer jams / Narada Michael Walden – Summer Lady (Atlantic)
Singer / drummer Narada Michael Walden delivering the cheeky ‘Summer Lady’ back in 1982. Somehow standing as an unlikely soundtrack to the Miami Spring Break. An infectious horn led funk gem which might pretty well have deserved a mention in our 10 essential sexy jams. With backing singer Martha Rubinson spicin’ up the whole with French horny lyrics. “Je m’appelle Monique. Veux-tu faire le freak?”
10 essential Summer jams / Love Club – Hot Summer Nights (West End)
I suppose it won’t be an offense to Jay ‘Mixin’ Dixon statin’ he most likely made his name as a radio jock. Havin’ a long history at NYC’s Kiss FM where he played deep House and Garage on the station’s legendary mastermix show in the early 90’s. He nevertheless made a quick foray into producing. Delivering the infectious ‘Hot Summer Nights’ for West End Records back in 1983. Hard to understand how and why it most likely remained like an under the radar gem. This despite its slick, synth heavy, infectious futuristic sounding. Not to mention the presence of an uncredited female vocalist comin’ up with sultry vocals. With Dixon eventually adding a rapped verse towards the end of the track.
10 essential Summer jams / J.T. Taylor – Long Summer Nights (MCA)
J.T. Taylor, who established himself as the voice of Kool & The Gang by the end of the 70’s, eventually escaped from the band at times. Opening his 1991 ‘Feel The Need’ album, ‘Long Summer Nights’ shows once again the delicacy of the singer on his appraoches. Turning it into like another evidence. With Gary Barnacle‘s flute part appearing as the icing on the cake. And co-production work by the likes of Simon ‘The Funky Ginger’ Law. A man whom you might also remember for his collaborationns with Bay Area songstress Chanté Moore

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