Sunday, October 22, 2017

Arthur Adams – You Got The Floor (Inculcation)

Most Wanted! Arthur Adams – You Got The Floor (Inculcation)

No info on this release as to who’s been doin’ what, apart from the fact that it has been credited to home band The Inculcation Band. You can tell those were absolute top musicians though, from the keys to the infectious sax part over a rumblin’ bassline and brilliant drum parts. Not to mention the lyrics of this song that say it all. This added to a massive production work by label manager, the late actor Bernie Hamilton, himself remembered for his role as Capt. Dobey in the 70’s US TV series ‘Starsky And Hutch’.

“You got the floor (do what you wanna do)!”

Like many of his pairs back then, Blues guitarist Arthur Adams explored groovier territories, with a handful releases of his own. But also collaborating with Wayne Henderson, Side Effect, Martha Reeves, The Crusaders. Then eventually touring on bass for Nina Simone in the 80’s before returning to Blues…

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