Saturday, September 23, 2017

Back in stride again!

Movin' on
Pic: © Briyen

Like everything, technology also has its downsides, like taking you away from what you’d initially planned to do all of a sudden. This being pretty much what happened on our side, leaving us dumb since last Sunday…
After the frustration that such a situation generally provokes, we were left with no other choice but being patient with the hope though that everything would get back to normal asap. Meanwhile, we took the advantage of being away from the daily pressure of our activities to proceed to major Spring cleaning, the rearrangement of our running system, and eventually the reorganization of our editorial schedule along with the arrival of new topics to improve our service, speaking of which we’ll keep you posted as time goes…
Even though we’re doing whatever we can to make these shores as dynamic as possible, we’d like to remind you how your participation via comments, reactions to our content and eventually concept are essential, as helping us to make our service as complete and relevant as possible, in addition to your support whenever coming to spread our word on the various social networks as on your own websites or blogs for those of you who have one. Essential, not only for us, but first and foremost for the artists we support as for the community we belong to.
Like everything, technology has also his advantages, allowing us to come together as one wherever we may be coming from and eventually affirm and set up an identity in an ever growing corportate environment that doesn’t leave space for alternative and therefore what’s meant to unite us: quality!

With renewed thanks for your growing support, wishin’ you all and yours a beautiful weekend.
And the beat goes on…

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