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Back To The Roots!

Obsessed by its sole convictions that would allow it to establish new codes systems which will themselves one day serve a a basis for their heirs, the “techno generation” (understand the ones that were born with the home studio) seems to be flirting a little more every day which things which for long would be seen as incompatible with its search for emancipation. In other words, the legacy from the past, that would give birth to a whole bunch of cross-breedings over the last months/years…

Back To The Roots“Rien n’est, tout devient” (“Nothing stays the same”), said in substance French philosopher Henri Bergson. Such prophetic words in regards to a music scene which, since the arrival of the first special effects (the technology), has never ceased going into circles to be seen as as many cycles in our history.

The even more obvious references to the past – with the help of the sampling technique – could well be seen as the demonstration of some current will/need for a pause until the arrival of a new cycle, if not a revolution, just like Hip-Hop, then House and Techno would be in the 80’s and, to a lesser extend, Drum & Bass with the establishment of new rhythmic patterns in the 90’s.  What will tomorrow bring? A question that still hasn’t found its answer though, even though many are those who claimed everything’d been written. But this looks more likely like the normal reaction one could expect from usual followers rather than those  creators who gave birth to movements along with time.

Besides, let’s not forget how these creators are none other but just human beings, like you and I, needing – unlike what an ever performing technology would tend to demonstrate – time to digest as well in order to be able to (re)define themselves, while maintaining a minimum of dialogue with the crowd, unless risking to become totally disconnected from its expectations. If not already, judging by the poor record sales to the exception of a handful of Pop stars!

A good reason explaining the current situation is the fact that we’re in front of nothing but a cooked balance sheet, because of the corporatist attitude of both what remaining of the record industry and the major media blackmailing them and the artists in order to have their music displayed on their channels. Because of the independent labels that didn’t  (and also didn’t have the financial resources to) provide the necessary investments in terms of artist development, as blatantly shown by the systematical use of generic black or white sleeves back in the day they were releasing 12 inches. Because or the ongoing race for releases that would follow, forgetting that the market coudn’t absorb everything, and even more nowadays with the multiplication of tools, and eventually solicitations from a whole bunch of people tending to think they do (quality) music for the sole reason that they have a laptop and a couple of programs + an account on Soundcloud, Reverbnation or wherever!!! And the list goes on and on and on, despite the ongoing indifference of a whole bunch of expected consumers who simply don’t have the time  to check everything…

The increasing Fast Foward attitude has most likely shown its limits, with time needed for each of us to be in the position to find what will be considered as today’s references in regards to tomorrow’s history. No wonder why more and more of us each day seem to be needing to go back to their roots whenever hardly in the position to recognize themselves for the reasons expressed on what’s currently going on. Don’t you think???

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