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Boddhi Satva feat. Les Nubians – Beautiful Humans

First Listen: Boddhi Satva feat. Les Nubians – Beautiful Humans (N’Dinga Gaba Remix) (Offering Recordings)

‘Beautiful Humans’ pretty much stands as a slice of optimism in this world dominated by an unceasing flow of preoccupying news.

From Boddhi Satva‘s second album, ‘Transition’,’Beautiful Humans’ is a vibrant adaptation of a poem by Jimmy Du Mali aka Yacoub. It perfectly showcases the talent of French sisters Les Nubians. And their ability to turn things they’re given to the next level. N’Dinga Gaba, in charge of the remix duties, giving it a brilliant deep and syncoptated feel.
No matter where you’re doming from. “You are a universal citizen, and you are beautiful…”
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– I discovered Les Nubians back in 1998 during the Miami Winter Music Conference. With thanks to my long time friend DJ Spinna who gave me a promo copy of the remix he did of ‘Makeda’ for them. The two Paris-born sisters – Hélène and Célia Faussart – stood by both the purity of their voices and their diction. Not to mention the quality of their lyrics, somehow reminding me of French Hip-Hopper MC Solaar. Mind you, they first started singing a capella, meanwhile producing poetry slams in Bordeaux where they lived for some time.

They made themselves quite a reputation Stateside, standing as one of the most successful French speaking acts. Best remembered for their Billboard R&B single ‘Makeda’ from their Grammy nominated ‘Les Princess Nubiennes’ album which marked their debut back in 1998. The two sisters have released a total of 4 albums to date.

They eventually collaborated with Black Eyed Peas and Mos Def on ‘On My Own’ in 2000. But also with the late Guru on the vol. 3 of his ‘Jazzamatazz’ series (on Who’s There?’) during the same year.
More recently, they duetted with Ana Torroja on ‘Sueña’ (2010). Then they contributed to the OST of Robert Ateduyi‘s 2011 film ‘You Got Served: Beat The World’.

N’Dinga Gaba has been on the music scene for more than two decades as a DJ, producer, musician and composer.
Hailing from the Central African Republic although based in Baltimore, MD, N’Dinga has embraced a variety of musical styles over his career. He has played with several symphony orchestras and Jazz bands as a trombonist. And as a DJ, he has toured with Hip-Hop and Rock acts. And he is most likely proficient in all styles of electronic music.

Also known as The Diplomat, DJ Nuclear, and The Love House Movement, N’Dinga’s musical style is hard to define. You can find his music and remixes on many labels, such as Foliage Records, Peng Records and Sole Channel. And also Code Red / Quantize Recordings where he collaborated with Marc Evans, Mark Di Meo and Erin Leah.

In addition to this, N’Dinga has launched his own label – Global Diplomacy – by the end of 2014.

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