Thursday, September 21, 2017

Brooklyn Funk Essentials – Dance Or Die (Black Plastic Magick)

“Just when you thought that music was forever hi-jacked by laptop-gazing, knob-fiddling, fist-wapping, carrot-nibbling bunnies… along comes ‘Funk Ain’t Ova’, the new album by BFE”… As many words saying it all as to what to be expected from Lati Kronlund‘s Brooklyn Funk Essentials. Nothing of a surprise though regarding this multi-ethnic/cultural group who, for 20 years, has been relentlessly exploring the various facets of the groove, eventually melting it with Worldbeat like on the memorable ‘In The Buzzbag’ album back in 1998 along with Turkish musicians…
Acting as a platform, BFE delivers a kaleidoscopic music in the tradition of Jazz leavin’ space for successive solos. This joint makin’ no exception, featuring Joi Cardwell, Papa Dee and Desmond Foster on vocals, along with Anna Brooks on sax over a Disco-influenced Funky groove. Jam on!

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