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Charme – Georgy Porgy (RCA)

Most Wanted! Charme – Georgy Porgy (RCA)

‘Georgy Porgy’! I suppose most of you comin’ to these shores have heard this classic at least once. Unless havin’ spent the last 40 years in a desert island, huh?
Well, here we go, not with the original, but a cover version, even though it’s also worth the listen. The difference being that when Toto released it, they at least mentioned the name of their guest singer (Cheryl Lynn). Meanwhile Charme omitted to do the same. The official reason being that Luther Vandross wasn’t popular enough at the time…

Time would tell though with the latter establishing himself as the #1 R&B singer in the 80’s/90’s. This most likely explaining why Charme‘s version of ‘Georgy Porgy’ would get extra value on the second hand market after record chasers discovered who was singing the lead. Besides, let’s not forget the fact that the label released it as the flipside of ‘Do It For Love’. Which most definitely didn’t help neither…

What’s the value of your vinyl record?

Whoever was Charme? A one off Disco assemblage which Israelian native California-based Misha Segal put together back in 1979. There’s not much we can say about him neither apart from the fact that he was a songwriter, composer and pianist. And that he notoriously wrote the ‘Phantom Of The Opera’ OST back in 1989.

Charme released their one and only album – ‘Let It In’ – in 1979. Featuring artists such as Damaris, Gwen Guthrie and Ullanda McCullough. I suppose it’s fair to say neither the album nor its singles (its title track and ‘Do It For Love’) managed to generate a great following back then. Meanwhile justice would somehow be paid 3 years later with the re-release of ‘Georgy Porgy’. This time as an A-side, although under the form of a remix. But then, still no mention of the presence of Luther Vandross. This being for much on its global overshadowing at the time…

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