Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Convertion feat. Leroy Burgess – Let's Do It (Louie Vega Boogie Mix) (Nurvous Records)

Flashback on the beginning of the eighties, at a time when the main criteria to program music was based upon quality as opposed to so say say an internal kitchen between the record industry and broadcasters resulting in the countless crap that can get to our ears nowadays…
Heavily championed by WBLS‘s head Frankie Crocker at the time, Convertion (a studio project featuring James Calloway, Sonny T. Davenport and Leroy Burgess, along with Fred McFarlane on keyboards and both Renee J.J. Burgess and Dorothy Terrell on background vocals) would get a well deserved airing with the synth led ‘Let’s Do It’.
With its mastertapes mislaid, this vault from Sam Weiss‘s SAM Records label, is given a new life on his son’s (Mike Weiss) Nurvous Records imprint, left c/o Louie Vega who has decided and obviously managed to remain quite true to its original spirit…

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