Thu. Dec. 13, 2018

Danny Tenaglia + Celeda – Music Is The Answer (Twisted America Records)

Danny Tenaglia stands most likely as a depositary of a progressive NYC culture. Starting as a record collector on his early teens, before becoming an unconditional fan of the Paradise Garage and his resident DJ Larry Levan, he would so to say transgress the codes of a local club scene most likely geared towards the roots of Black Music while adding elements inherited from Europe on his productions.
Seen as a purveyor of Progressive/Tribal House jams, he also managed to be one of the most spectacular DJ’s during his sets at the Twilo and the Tunnel, and he stands most likely as one of the key figures in the history of House Music.
We catch him back in 1998 on one of his biggest classics along with Chicago native singer Victoria Sharpe, better known as Celeda

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