Sunday, August 20, 2017

David Bowie – Love Is Lost (James Murphy Mix)

This Beat Is Mine! David Bowie – Love Is Lost (Hello Steve Reich Mix by James Murphy for the DFA) (ISO Records)

‘Love Is Lost’… That’s eaxctly how I felt when hearing of the passing of David Bowie a year ago. What a legacy he left, dealing with so different moods. Hard to believe my mom and dad used to hear him even before I appeared on this earth. To be honest, I only started diggin’ into his music soon after the release of this song. Most likely because of being a fan of the DFA sound.

Of course, he didn’t look the same anymore after so many years. But the emotion he delivered remained the same along with time. If not even more on this song which, to me, almost sounded like the statement of a man who’d lost his youth and physical gloss. A man whose dreams and illusions got taken away by the cruel reality of the cycle of life.
As many things deeply attaching me to this song. And, as a result, to this oustanding artist who most likely managed to find the right words to describe his environment. A man who found the right attitudes to capture a feeling, an atompshere. Be it as a singer or an actor.

‘Love Is Lost’ eventually found an extra dimension with James Murphy remixing it. And I’m most likely speaking of the long version. It’s as if he himself felt the gravity of the situation. As if he had a premonitory feeling as to how the travel was nearly going to an end for Bowie. I just wonder how we could ever forget about this moment. No need saying how I certainly won’t.

I would like to warmly thank you in advance for sharing these few words and wish you all the best. Kepp up the good work. Your diversity is what makes you stand so apart.

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