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D. Tallman – Save A Place On The Dance Floor For Me

Classics: Dawn Tallman – Save A Place On The Dance Floor For Me (West End Records)

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‘Save A Place On The Dance Floor For Me’… A devastating jam which we welcomed back then as a Single Of The Week on the first version of Indamixworldwide.
Blaze in charge of the remix(es). Co-written by label CEO Mel Cheren (was it premonitory as he would pass away a few months after???) as an obvious wink to The Paradise Garage DJ resident Larry Levan. Such as vibrant delivery by the likes of NYC house diva Dawn Tallman reachin’ one of her absolute peaks. And itself becoming therefore a tribute to our Uncle Mel who, wherever he is, keeps on dancing, watching over us…

Download from Traxsource.

Born and raised in Danbury, CT, Dawn Tallman, no surprisingly, started singing in church, standing nowadays as one of the Gospel voices in NYC.
A long time friend of Barbara Tucker, she has collaborated with a myriad of artists and producers. This resulting in countless classics such as ‘Can U See The Light’. A boiling jam which she recorded along with Michelle Weeks and the late Sabrynaah Pope under the Voices guise. But also ‘Save A Place On The Dance Floor For Me’ on West End Records. A premonitory song which she recorded a year and a half before the passing of label co-founder Mel Cheren.

She’s also remembered as a member of Underground Dance Artists United For Life. A collective of musicians and singers which Blaze put together in order to raise money for the fight against AIDS back in 2004.

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