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Disco: 'You Can't Fight With It'

John Carpenter and Alan Howarth
John Carpenter & Alan Howarth

As a music lover, I suppose I’ll never thank enough those of my alter egos who, despite the diktat of the… trends, keep on putting their shirts on what they believe to be true as opposed to be searching for the quickest return on investment, like so many around, with regular examples comin’ up along with time. Such as Trinidadian singer/producer Stephen Encinas‘s ultra rare ‘Disco Illusion’ given a new life 35 years after its initial release by Canadian label Invisible City Editions  in 2013. But also, the John Carpenter bassy, progressive synth composed ‘You Can’t Fight It’, with Jimmy Chambers commissioned by British mastermind Kenny Lynch to sing on. A cut which, originally due to be included on the 1976 released soundtrack to ‘Assault On Precinct 13’, only made it onto the Italian release of the film (‘Distretto 13’), eventually getting a 7 inch pressing on UK label PYE Records back in 1978. And soon to come up with a remastered version by Andreas “Lupo” Lubich (CALYX, Berlin) backed with a re-edit (A Rerub) by the likes of Riccardo Zanaroli (of Super Value and Bosconi fame), better known as Riccio, under the form of a 10 inch package featuring promotional art from the film, a digital download code and lyrics insert on UK-based label Fly By Night Music.
An affair which has taken two years in the making as explained on Fact Magazine. The FBNM label remaining true to their search for details that would be for much in their growing reputation as far as the analog freakazoids are concerned (cf. their June released ‘The Lost Nu Groove Tapes’ courtesy of early NY House producer Rheiji Burrell).
Born in Carthage, NYC on Jan. 16, 1948, John Howard Carpenter would express himself on may domains such as screenwriting, production and edition, directing movies such as the aforementioned, but also ‘Escape From New York’ and ‘The Fog’ among others, composing most of their soundtracks (alongside Alan Howarth occasionally), developing atmospheres to be compared with Giorgio Moroder‘s at times, like for instance on the (remixed) Disco Version of ‘The End’ (taken from the same soundtrack) released back in 2003 on Dutch famous label Rams Horns. Meanwhile Trinidadian singer Jimmy Chambers would rise to fame in the first half of the nineties as London Beat‘s front singer, mostly remembered for their U.S? Billboard #1 hit ‘I’ve Been Thinking About You’ on RCA.

To be released on Nov. 03, 2014 on Fly By Night Music via Kudos. [More info…]

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