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Double Exposure – My Love Is Free (Salsoul Records)

Classics: Double Exposure – My Love Is Free (Salsoul Records)

Double Exposure pretty much paved the history of the record industry. As a matter of fact, while putting out the first ever 12″ for commercial release back in 1976. This, with ‘Ten Percent’, the title track of their debut-album with mixing work by the likes of Walter Gibbons.

From the same package, they delivered ‘Everyman’. But also the Allan Felder and Bunny Sigler co-penned ‘My Love Is Free’. One of the definitive highlights of the Philaldelphia Sound. With both lead singer Jimmy Williams and guitarist TJ Tindall reachin’ their peak. Not to mention Ron Baker, Norman Harris and Earl Young who produced it. As for Tom Moulton, he added his brick to the edifice while eventually remastering it. Meanwhile Frankie Knuckles would give it a top class rework back in 1993 as a part of the ‘Tabasko’ compilation.

Whichever version you have, including its alternative Walter Gibbons remix, you hardly get anything better…

Double Exposure saw the light in Philadelphia, PA. A fortet comprising Leonard ‘Butch’ Davis, Joe Harris, Chuck Whittington and Jimmy Williams, they first appeared as United Image. They dropped their debut-single – ‘Love’s Creeping Up on Me’ – on Stax in 1971. And eventually released its follow up – ‘The African Bump’ – the year after on Branding Iron Records. Turning their guise into Double Exposure when signing a record deal with Salsoul Records in 1975.

They would release 3 albums between 1976 and 1979. With their debut-album – ‘Ten Percent’ spanning the classic ‘My Love Is Free’ and ‘Everyman’. Not to mention its title track which Masters At Work brilliantly reconstructed in 1992. Their last album – ‘Locker Room’ – featuring the unmissable ‘I Got The Hots (For Ya)’ which Frankie Crocker heavily championed back then on WBLS.

The group eventually prepared their return, recording new material along with some MFSB members back in 2008 (* Wikipedia). But nothing saw the light at the end. Salsoul Records releasing a 12″ this year though with the memorable Def Mixes of ‘My Love Is Free’.

Jimmy Williams sadly died of an aggressive form of cancer on Oct. 31, 2016.

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