Wed. May. 23, 2018

Earl Tutu & John Khan – Everybody Needs Somebody

Single Of The Week: Booker T presents Earl Tutu & John Khan feat. Mike City – Everybody Needs Somebody (Liquid Deep)

I wish we would have been in the position to introduce you to this gem way earlier. Alas, our current updating process has got us away from being able to do so. Not to mention the probs we’ve encountered with our server during these last weeks…

“Never too late to set the things right”, says the old expression. And even more when coming to speak of a piece of music that deserves the check! No doubt as to how it’s definitely the case regarding this absolute jewel. With Mike City once again overwhelming us with his smooth and heartfelt vocal performance. Beautifully served by UK producers Earl Tutu and John Khan delivering lush arrangements.

‘Everybody Needs Somebody’ sounds like an evidence. Harmonies, emotion, subtlety… As many things one can expect from a masterpiece, don’t you think?
Donwload from Traxsource.

Although relatively new as a production pair, both John Khan and Earl Tutu are no new comers…
Khan eventually started producing back in 1992. Responsible for ‘Take Me I’m Yours’ featuring the vocal talents of Karen Minnott.

Growing up and DJing alongside Unique 3, a collective from Bradford, he came to meet Chris Dawkins (Earl Tutu) back in the day. John kept on producing for a while before taking a break from the scene for a few years. Studying the artform of mixing and mastering during that time, he decided to resurface along with long time friend Dawkins.

“I started playing guitar at my father’s Baptist Church in West Yorkshire at the the age of 15 in 1976”, explains Earl Tutu. “Within 2 years, during the summer of 1978 myself and some other young members of the church formed a band called Freedom. During this time, EMI reps from London came to the church to hear the band. They had been made aware of us via Gospel Concerts we had performed at. My father, Pastor Dawkins and Brother King an elder at the church turned the reps from EMI away, saying the children would not be playing the devils music!
As you can guess I hid my passion for playing guitar from my father, sneaking out of the house to play gigs and record.

Coming home from a gig one night I was welcomed by the sight of my belongings in black bin bags – I had been found out! 2013 brought me back to the good old days collaborating once again with life long friend and fellow artist John Khan with some fresh ideas… Soulful House style with some interesting releases in the pipeline…”
Everybody needs somebody! The twosome obviously needed the presence of each other…

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