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Eden: the simple claim of a DJ who never got Daft Punk's fame!

Eden - coverWhenever googlein’ a bit, you might already see quite a lot of things written here or there about this film called ‘Eden’ which premiered a couple of weeks ago at the Toronto International Film Festival. As you may also eventually have seen its trailer presented as “portraying Daft Punk”! An easy way to catch the attention, I would say, although far from being what the film is about, depicting the story of a French DJ who,  like so many others wherever they could be living, never managed to raise to fame…

The film, directed by Mia Hansen-Løve, is more of a personal story, an act guided by tenderness talkin’ about the life of her brother (Sven Løve aka Paul as played by Félix de Givry), a DJ and a producer also, fully dedicated to a genre – the soulful House – which never got a real recognition in a country (France) the background of which is rather made of Rock and eventually Techno influences, with Disco and Funk comin’ after, even though the raise of the French Touch saw people from Daft Punk to Cassius or  Supermen Lovers comin’ up with a filtered blend of almost everything. Be it musically as in terms of scenic attitudes!
So don’t you ever expect a film about the worldwide famous 2 robots, even though the references to them are countless. Not even more a documentary about the French Touch itself, as so many of its actors, therefore covering a way wider spectrum are not mentioned. Ie: Rinôçérôse, Modjo, Demon and many others. But once gain and most likely the hopes and dreams then the disillusions of a man who didn’t make it during this period – from the mid-nineties to the beginning of the 2K’s – which would mark one of the peaks in terms of production and excitement alongside the Disco period in France.
Seen as the… Eden for a whole generation back then, which is nothing but what the famous US TV series ‘Happy Days’ was about some 30 years earlier to another generation Stateside…

Eden: The garden of God and the first home of Adam and Eve. Also called the Garden of Eden , as notoriously described in The Book Of Genesis chapters 2 & 3 and also in The Book of Ezekiel.  2. A delightful place; a paradise. 3. A state of innocence, bliss, or ultimate happiness (The Free Dictionary).

Eden is due for release on Nov. 09, 2014

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