Sun. Oct. 21, 2018

Elements Of Life – Children Of The World (Roots Mix)

Classics: Elements Of Life feat. Josh Milan – Children Of The World (Roots Mix) (Vega Records)

So much memories comin’ back to mind when havin’ a listen to the vibrantly meaningful ‘Children Of The World’. A cut which opened the Elements Of Life ‘Eclipse’ album. With us welcomin’ it as our Single Of The Week our our Facebook page back then, prior to the relaunch of our site.

As a matter of fact, hard to resist to the message that ‘Children Of The World’ represents in itself. A cut speakin’ of which Josh Milan and producer Louie Vega can definitely be proud of. The latter sayin… “It’s about celebrating life, a message to the youth. Letting the youth know how important it is to be aware of all going on. And realizing how they are the future for us all.” With Milan‘s vocal performance adding to the emotion around. Therefore contributing makin’ of ‘Children Of The World’ a soulfully convincing declaration of hope. And Louie Vega turning it into an evergreen blast on his Roots Mix.

The kind of music/message that speaks timelessly for itself, don’t you think? With our best wishes of a Merry Christmas to you and yours…

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Louie Vega has worn coutless hats in his life. From his deliveries along with Kenny Dope as Masters At Work or KenLou among others. To his impressive amount of remixes. Not to mention his productions under the Elements Of Life guise or more recently on his own with the memorable ‘Starring XXVIII’ album.

The first trace we have of Elements Of Life brings us back to June 2000. This with an eponymous single which saw the light on MAW Records, credited to ‘Little’ Louie Vega, featuring some of those who would join him under the Elements Of Life umbrella soon after. From Josh Milan to Cindy Mizelle and Luisito Quintero.

An album of the likes would follow 2 years after, this time credited to Louie Vega. Featuring gems such as ‘Cerca De Mi’, ‘Brand New Day’, ‘Better Day’. Not to mention ‘Mon amour’ ‘Sunshine’ and ‘One Dream’. Louie also using the EOL guise for his releases, such as the memorable ‘Love Remains The Same’ back in 2007. The same year seeing the release of the stellar ‘One Dream’ featuring Anané which he had especially crafted for the Superbowl.

Meanwhile the end of 2013 would see the release of the ‘Eclipse’ album on Fania Records. Featuring luminaries such as… Josh Milan, Anané and Luisito Quintero. Not to mention Raul Midón, Selan Lerner, Cindy Mizelle and Lisa Fisher among others. An album which spanned the classics ‘Children Of The World’, ‘Figli Delle Stelle’ and ‘Live Your Life Today’ to name a few…

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