Monday, August 21, 2017

Faze Action – In The Trees (Original Disco Mix) (Nuphonic)

Back in the mid-90’s, there was hardly a single week without the Brits comin’ up with a new genre. Speaking of the defunct Nuphonic label, they would consider it as a Nu House label, meanwhile Faze Action happened to be rated as… Nu Disco!!!
Of course, no doubt as to how Simon and Robin found some of their main influences in the Disco Music, but their repoertoire was way more than that, blending elements of symphonic music (with the latter being a classically trained musician playing cello, keyboard and bass), electronic soundbytes and Latin rhythm pattern. ‘In The Trees’, taken from their 1997 released ‘Plans & Designs’, and considered as one of their signature cuts, sounding like more of a modern atmospheric version of Disco/Jazz, a descendant of Rinder & Lewis‘s productions…

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