Wed. Nov. 22, 2017 - 11:10 PM CET

Mike Maurro in the Peak Hour Remixes!

Due for a release by the end of this month on Harmless (a label synonymous with top quality material), the ‘Peak Hour Remixes’ looks set to establish NY-based Mike Maurro among the names to be watching in the future. Just the way Tom Moulton thought when he took him under his guidance a couple of years ago! [Read More…]

Lydia René: A Vintage Heart

No more need to be at the right place, at the right time nowadays, one of the good things of technology allowing us to set up a connection from a single click. With our attention just caught up, as a result, on upcoming Soul singer Lydia René set to release her new EP – ‘a Vintage Heart’ – in a bit more than a month from now… [Read More…]

Neo: We love… ‘Your Smile’

DSG Music hit the nail this year bringing Newcastle duo SouLutions from total anonymity to being one of the biggest Modern Soul sensations in the UK. They now look set to open a new chapter with Neo featuring Drizabone’s on the Barry White-esque/ Johnny Bristol-ian sounding ‘Your Smile’! [Read More…]

InClose: The new Daft Punk???

InClose, a name that will probably sound unfamiliar to countless of you. Just as for us, until the moment we got to his music, on the heels of a typo we made when doin’ a research. Reminding of the days when, working for French defunct publication Coda, I came to discover Daft Punk then signed on Scottish label Soma Records. Could history repeat itself? Who knows… [Read More…]

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