Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Funkmaster Wizard Wiz – Girls (Tuff City)

This Beat Is Mine! Funkmaster Wizard Wiz – Girls (Tuff City)

What I really love at your site which I recently discovered is its undeniable versatility. I just love the way you put things in perspective. It most likely allows a better understanding, as compared to the usual simple name dropping one may find here or there.
I noticed your presentation of the Moments & Whatnauts‘Girls’ a couple of weeks ago. And it got me straight to an ol’ tape which my dad recorded back like in the Middle Age. As not only there was this Funkmaster Wizard Wiz cool cover version of it. But I also all of a sudden realized that the man who introduced it back then is the one – Jeff Young – I’m regularly following nowadays on Jazz FM.

The world happens to be so small at the end. And even more nowadays with the help of Internet. Thank you for contributing to make it even more accessible. Feels like we’re definitely in need of references. And I’m so glad being able to find so many here. Keep up the good work!
This Beat Is MineThis Beat Is Mine! (*) Once in a week (on Wednesdays), Indamixworldwide is left with you at the command!
For this to happen, nothing’s more easy… What you’ve just got to do is drop us a line while using our contact form and let us know about your favorite piece of music (*), along with a review explaining what it suggests you and why people should dig it. And the best of it will be given a publication with your credit the week after.

With warm thanks to Croydon-based correspondent, Deelon Campbell, for this week’s suggestion…

Gladly welcoming yours to be published next Wednesday. On your marks!

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