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Gladys Knight – Neither One Of Us (DJ Micks Remix)

Lost but not least! Gladys Knight – Neither One Of Us (Wants To Be The First To Say Goodbye) (DJ Micks – Manoo Style Remix) (White Label)

From her 1973 album of the likes, Gladys Knight would show the world as to how she’s one of the greatest Soul singers of all time. Sharing the duties with The Pips on this highly emotional song. Needless to say we’re in front of an absolute masterpiece in the genre. It is to say how the perspective of remixing it was such a challenge in itself…

Back in 2009, a relatively unknown South African DJ producer – Nkululeko Mickey Mseleku (DJ Micks) – managed to get his hands on an acapella version of it. From then, he would give it this nice twist. Bringing the power of this song to unsuspected territories, although remaining true to its original spirit. Meanwwhile getting some inspiration from French DJ/producer Manoo, himself renown for his mental (re)constructions such as ‘This Is A Test’

One would hardly have done any better than this…

Kinda hard to believe the first version of the band – simply called The Pips at the time – dates from the early 50’s.
The debut of Gladys Knight And The Pips didn’t happen to be like a simple ballad. Considered for some time as a second-string act by Motown where they got signed back in 1966, this didn’t get them from scoring their first hit the year after. This, with their version of ‘I Heard It Through The Grapevine’. The first of a series including ‘If I Were Your Woman’ and ‘Neither One of Us (Wants to Be the First to Say Goodbye)’ and ‘Midnight Train To Georgia’ on Buddah Records.
They then signed with Columbia by the end of the 70’s. ‘Taste Of Bitter Love’, ‘When You’re Far Away’ and ‘Save The Overtime For Me’ completing their already impressive list in addition to ‘Love Overboard’.

Gladys Knight also delivered material on her own, most likely due to contractual reasons. This resulting in the release of extra gems such as ‘You Bring Out The Best In Me’. But also the ultra sought after ‘It’s A Better Than Good Time’ as remixed by Walter Gibbons. No to mention ‘License To Kill’ among others.

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  1. Thanks. Gladys often overlooked when talking about the great soul singers – unfairly, her polish and pop smarts don’t invalidate her superb singing and selling of a song!

    You might appreciate the latest immortal jukebox post – a tribute to Sam Cooke.

    Regards. Thom.

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