Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Indamixworldwide goes one!

I remember some of my people asking me about the reason of our return and what it implies in terms of energy, research and eventually financial resources, after such a period of silence. Well, I suppose I sort of had to get back to what’s been my reason being for years… Sharing what I perceive as quality vibes by all means, be it via mix sets, compilations or reviews. Not talking about transmitting a precious legacy which I’ve been blessed to be gotten from my elders to the new generations.

We Are One!Is this ambitious? Certainly more than a few years ago, judging by the current state of the times we’re living, dominated by ever growing corporate media, not to mention an obvious self-centrism which has found its most brilliant demonstration with the development of the auto-proclaimed social networks. Besides, I’ve never been of those who easily give up, even though I’ve felt at times a strong appeal for so to say… fishing!!! But here we go, one year after, with a total of 970 topics published to date, including 44 artist interviews and more than 700 reviews covering the best from Disco to House Music and more, with the aim for offer you the most comprehensive view about a period corresponding to 5 decades of music.

In the meantime, we’ve ensured our presence on the major social networks, from Twitter to Google + and more. But also on Facebook via what has to be considered as our Live interface, with renewed thanks to those who, by their dedication, day after day, week after week, have contributed to ensure the contiuity of our programs along with time. Beginning with veteran and founding members Elizabeth Banks, Dean Serafini and Gary Van den Bussche who’ve been there since day one, joined nowadays by 40+ other selectors hailing from all over the world, and illustrating there the diversity that you may find on these shores.
This Live interface, operated on a radio station-based concept, has generated a weekly Top#10 since the very first week of 2012, featuring a Single Of The Week which has naturally found its place here on Indamixworldwide. It therefore would be Gary Van den Bussche who heavily pushed me to relaunch the site by early 2014 to give a home to our venture with the rest being nearly history now, including our montlhy Top#10 which we’ve launched last October on Traxsource to give extra exposure to the latest in terms of upfront music and therefore expand our coverage spectrum…

Of course, it would have probably been easier to focus on a specific kind of music, like a big majority of our collegues do, but at the end, contrary to our founding principle – the mix – which suggests the presence of various ingredients, the blend of which defining our action, be it in terms of vibes, perspectives, periods, origins and whatsoever. Knowing that for us, as for the late Miles Davis, there are only two kinds of music: the good one, and all the rest!

Last but not least, Indamixworldwide wouldn’t be what it is nowadays without your support, on the social networks as here on WordPress where we’ve decided to reset this platform.

“Time marches on. Nothing stays the same…” The proper of life! As of what we’re doin’ here with the aim to give you an even better experience, from a day, week, month, year to another…
From all of us, thank you!

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