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Is there too much music around? What’s your view?

Editorials: Is there too much music around?

“What would you do without your music? What would you be without a song?”, used to sing D-Train back in the day. But what about nowadays, in an environment that sees us bombarded with unceasing sollicitations from all over the world??? Some of you might pretty well argue that’s the way world goes today. But does this in any way make it go – and in the meantime, our respective lives – for the better? The answer belongs to each of you at the end, I suppose…

Like everything, one may look at the matter both ways. Positively, when thinking we’re getting access to way more things than before. But also with a bit of scepticism, simply considering that the length of a day hasn’t become proportionally any longer. Meaning chances are great we’re gonna miss something worth the check in the meantime.

Is there too much music aroundBack in the day, we would read, subscribe to (paper) publications which would act as a filter. One would go to record shops with salesmen acting as prescribers? But what about today? What about this period which, almost looking like the famous Facebook feedticker, sees each of us able to spread the word? Be it some unverified info at times???

That said, don’t you ever get me wrong. I’ve never been a fan of censorship in any way. Unless for my own self, trying to take the greatest care of what I’m writing. With the aim constantly in mind to avoid mistakes as much as possible and, as a result, confusion. But also to formulate things in the most approriate way to hopefully not generate reactions such as fakeness, hate or whatsoever…


To such an extend, I suppose I can say I (already) belong to the old school generation. Therefore feeling responsible as to what I’m gonna spread and how I’ll do it for the attention of our readers. With a special concern about the younger ones, reputedly more vulnerable.

Back to our subject – Is there too much music around? – the question has always been around as a matter of fact. From nowadays, with the ever growing globalization process to 10 years ago when the DJ’s got exposed to an average 400 new vinyl releases a week. And even earlier in the 60’s/70’s. With almost all the observers responding by the negative along with time.

I would humbly tend to be more sceptical in regards to the current period though. Simply because our environment has gone through such a change since. Exposing us, with the help of an ever more performant technology, to releases coming from all over the world on a daily base, as opposed to say 15 to 20 years ago. And also because of the drastic mutation of the record industry. With music made available via downloads and therefore from everywhere as opposed to local record shops, be they even specialized. Not to mention to DIY process that saw the light from the evolution of a technology in the position nowadays to allow any of us to create a label and drop releases…

You probably have noticed I’ve used the word ‘music’. This, just like François K, to make the difference with sounds as a reference to the countless ones who, because of using a program or a sampler, tend to think they create music despite not having the necessary background / knowledge / sense to come up with a relevant offer.

Is there too much music around? Definitely not, and contrary then, referring to the global lack of songwriting around. But too much sound, not to say crap… No doubt!

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