Friday, September 22, 2017

Jephté Guillaume – The Prayer (Priyé-a)

This Beat Is Mine! Jephté Guillaume – The Prayer (Spiritual Life)

With Haiti (and further on the Bahamas) once again slapped with a rare violence by Hurricane Matthew, my deepest thoughts come to the victims of this disaster. And to those of my family living in the area, between Port-au-Prince and Aux Cayes. Man, all this disaster adding itself to an ongoing misery that seems to have no ending… As if we hadn’t had already enough with that big earthquake back in 2010!
I just feel once again like left with no other option but pray again and again for a brighter tomorrow to come at last. And I’ll never thank enough Jephté Guillaume for this heartfelt soothing piece of music. Let’s just gather around ‘The Prayer’ for a minute…
Frè m ‘yo, mwen priye pou ou…

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2 Comments on Jephté Guillaume – The Prayer (Priyé-a)

  1. Greetings! yes…a “PRAYER” for Haiti ,The Bahamas.The Universe & US ..all …brings back fond memories hanging out @ Dance Traxx NYC,where I and a bunch of Music Lovers first heard this song!!! 😛 have to say Jephte Gulliaume has made quite a Catolog of Quality Muzak!! thanx! Spiritual Life!!~` Peace!!~~ Dno 😛

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