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Jim Porto – Bahia Paradise (Ai Que Calor)

Lost but not least! Jim Porto – Bahia Paradise (Ai Que Calor) (Latin Mix) (X-Energy Records)

More than 25 years have gone since its release and this gem still sounds as enlightening as back in the day. Not that surprising though considering the instrinsic sensuality of the Brazilian vibes.
Perfectly served by a brilliant production, Jim Porto delivers a standout interpretation over an infectious rhythmic guitar driven groove.

No wonder why the man is considered as one of the greatest exponents of Brazilian music in Italy. The warm tone of his voice and his obvious sensibility speaking for themselves.
‘Bahia Paradise (Ai Que Calor)’ is an undeniable Summer anthem heating up the hearts and souls. Let us know about your feelings…

Jim Jorge Gonçalves Porto hails from the Rio Grande do Sul. A state located on the southernmost tip of Brazil, sharing boarders with Uruguay and Argentina. He had his first contact with music when he was 10.
Fascinated by the nimble hands of a friend running up and down the keyboard, he began studying piano. He rapidly made himself a name while blending Classical together with Samba and Bossa. And by the age of 20, he got himself famous on the stages of his newly adopted city, Rio de Janeiro. It was from there that his touring career took shape, both in Brazil and throughout Latin America.

When he arrived in Italy, by the end of the 70’s, he adopted Rome as his hometown. And no surprisingly the Eternal City welcomed him as enthusiastically as Rio. Spotted by Sandro Melaranci, the artistic director of il Manuia, the biggest Brazilian music venue at the time, Porto began combining his rhythmic piano technique with his soulful voice.
There, he eventually collaborated with big names such as Chet Baker who played on his debut-album. But also Jorge Ben, Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil and Milton Nascimento to name but a few.

By the beginning of 1990, Jim Porto teamed up with Italian House producers Frank and Max Minoia and Corrado Rizza. Together, they released ‘Bahia Paradise (Ai Que Calor)’ on Alvaro Ugolini and Dario Raimondi‘s X-Energy Records. A label made famous for releasing the classic ‘Take Me To The Top’ by the likes of Advance.

Strangely enough, Jim Porto‘s discography is limited to an album and a handful of singles, despite an undeniable talent. His last release dating from the mid-2000’s.

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