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Kenny Bobien – Movin’ On (Remix)

Single Of The Week: Kenny Bobien – Movin’ On (Gianluca Pighi Remix) (Makin Moves

In the footsteps on his memorable gems such as ‘Father’, ‘Rise Above The Sorm’ and ‘Reach’, Kenny Bobien opens his account for 2016 in a blowing style with the uplifting ‘Movin’ On’. And I gotta admit the choice between a specific version was kinda hard. As they both bring elements perfectly fitting with the singer’s interpretation.

We finally came to elect the Gianluca Pighi (original) remix. The reason being for the range of its atmosphere blending melancholic string lines over a syncopated synthesized funky rhythm pattern. This adding much of emotion to the flow of the song…

Download from Traxsource.

Listening to his father’s vast soul and Jazz and Funk record collection must have had some kind of influence on Gianluca Pighi. Since then, his destiny has been cast, a life of music, music and more music…

At the age of 15, he sneaked into his older cousin’s pirate radio station armed with some of his favourite vinyls. There, he began to learn the art of broadcasting, playing Funk classics, Hip-Hop and 80’s Soul. Soon, he would play at street parties around his area. The first “paid” gigs followed suit and the game changed. This enabled him to feed his record collecting addiction which took him to Milan at least once or twice a month.

“Getting hold of records back then wasn’t easy, sometimes it would even end up in fist-fights”, he says laughing. At that point his DJ career took off. Playing at various residencies including clubs such as Avila and Masero gave him huge exposure. He also tried his hand at promoting and managing club nights. There he would work alongside the likes of the Pasta Boys, Claudio Coccoluto, Ricky Montanari, Ivan Iacobucci and Luca Trevisi.

Pighi‘s sets began to earn him a very strong reputation which saw him spin at club Mazoom, opening up for luminaries such as David Morales, Frankie Knuckles, Tony Humphries, Louie Vega, Harvey or Joe Claussell. Since then, he has never turned back and still to this day he keeps on shaking up the floors with a high-quality mixture of sounds.

With his profound love of music, it was inevitable that Gianluca Pighi would also carve out a very strong career in the recording studio. Through the years, Gianluca has worked with icons like Robert Owens and Frankie Knuckles as well.
Today, he can be seen mastering and engineering some of the biggest and the best productions coming out of Italy.

Gianluca Pighi is a firm believer in quality and this is something that he shows majestically. Whether evolving as a DJ, producing his own material, or working in the studio with other artists. If it’s not good, then it’s not for him.
His productions for Makin’ Moves with his sidekick Massimo Paramour have all gained the top 10 spot in the soulful house chart. ‘Babalawo’, as well as his collaborations with Kenny Bobien and Polina Griffiths, are other remarkable achievements.

His main focus is Mint Condition Records now. It’s a long-term project Gianluca is putting all he’s got into it. The main aim is producing and distributing Mint sounding and Mint quality records. The road is long, but the guy is on fire!

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