Sunday, August 20, 2017

Kenny Bobien – Reach (Original)

This Beat Is Mine! Kenny Bobien – Reach (Soundmen On Wax)

OMG! I don’t know what to start with… Anyway, this beautiful song by the likes of Kenny Bobien hasn’t come to me like out of the hat. To make it short, I decided to leave my native country (France) more than 15 years ago. The reason being I couldn’t stand anymore what I felt like an apathy, politically and economically speaking. With politicians of all orientations breakin’ what their predecessors had done before and so forth. I couldn’t stand anymore the mentality around. And this obvious tendency that people had to always complain about something.

Although living miles away and fully enjoying my (new) life, I’ve always kept an eye on what was goin’ on there. Eventually welcoming the election of new French President Emmanuel Macron with a real excitement. Will he be opening a new era for the country? Will he succeed on his will to get France to reach a new era? As usual, I suppose time will tell. Nevertheless, this is pretty much all what I wish him to achieve. Addressing him my blessings for havin’ brought his optimism to the forefront…

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