Sunday, August 20, 2017

Kevin Hedge featuring Rick Galactik – Follow Your Heart

This Beat Is Mine! Kevin Hedge featuring Rick Galactik – Follow Your Heart (Heart Mix) (Hi.Rise)

‘Follow Your Heart’ is exactly what I’m doin’ today (followin’ mine) while addressing you these few lines…
Remembering some of the most beautiful pieces of music I’ve ever heard brings me back to the souvenir of production pairs. And this, whatever the genre might be. Like Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards with Chic for instance or the two guys behind Change or BB&Q Band. Like Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis or L.A. & Babyface in regards to R&B. And also Louie Vega and Kenny Dope when speaking of House Music. With the same applying to Kevin Hedge and Josh Milan of the Blaze fame.

Whatever happened to the latter? That, I don’t know except the fact that they parted way years ago. It’s not my job to say why, but it has been such a mess for me, as a huge fan of Blaze. And I could say the same about Masters At Work as a matter of fact. ‘Follow Your Heart…’ That’s pretty much what they all did at the end. And I supppose they had their reasons for that. I wonder though if they had in mind the fact that it’s not that often two individualities can work the way they did.

‘Follow Your Heart’ stands as their legacy, which makes it even more vibrant. Ironically, both Hedge and Milan wrote it before splittin’. With the latter creating his own label. And Hedge sharing the duties behind the decks with Louie Vega each Wednesday at NYC Roots.

Strange as to how Kevin Hedge didn’t go any further than this in terms of productions. And quite ironical as well is the fact that singer Rick Galactick and his partner at DJN Project soon after parted way too.

As many things, I suppose, which have added much to the emotion of this brilliant song. “Follow your heart, reach for your goals…”

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