Sunday, September 24, 2017

Fingers Inc.’s ‘Another Side’ to be reissued!

Although no official statement has been made on Alleviated Records website, Larry Heard‘s label is to give a new birth to Fingers Inc.‘s seminal ‘Another Side’ album, 27 years after its original release on UK label Jack Trax back on Feb. 1988, judging by the existence of a pre order link on Amsterdam-based record shop / distributor Rush Hour website. Flashback…

Fingers Inc.
Fingers Inc.
1985… Already long gone were the days when Disco was the dominant sound on the floors. Thought as too expensive in terms of production, but also has-been because of too many crap releases which had dilluted its initial impact, not to mention the threat it had been seen as by the record execs which a whole range of Pop/Rock groups who’d been flirting with it back in the day, the production seemed to be lookin’ for like a second shuffle.
Of course, the explosion of Hip-Hop back in the beginning of the decade would give birth to hybrids such as the Breakdance and the Electro Breakbeat, but there were mainly street phonenomenons. Of course, the British New Wave somehow contributed pushing the boundaries, but the Club Music seemed like in a no man’s land. The light nevertheless would come from Chicago with a bunch of creative minds who, despite an obvious lack of financial resources, managed to give birth to a new approach in terms of production, turning themselves into DIY men, and House Music was born!

Along with two singers – Robert Owens and Ron Wilson, Larry Heard would give birth to Deep House when releasing ‘Mysteries Of Love’on his own Alleviated Records label back in 1985. The very first in the series of seminal cuts including ‘Can You Feel It’, ‘Bring Down The Walls’, ‘A Love Of My Own’, ‘So Glad’ and ‘Distant Planet’ later on gathered by UK label Jack Trax in an album – ‘Another Side’ – that would be the one and only of the likes released by Fingers Inc., therefore contributing to their growing legend along with time…

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