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Mac Band – Roses Are Red (Extended Version)

Classics: Mac Band feat. The McCampbell Brothers – Roses Are Red (MCA)

The second half of the 80’s marked quite a turn in the makin’ of contemporary music with producers setting the path to so many different directions. How to not think of House Music in Chicago, NYC or Manchester? But also Techno in Detroit. Not to mention Acid Jazz in the U.K.?!? R&B makin’ no exception with major ongoing mutations at the time. As many transformations that would give birth to both R&B/Hip-Hop and New Jack Swing during the following months.

Back then, one would most likely speak of Streetbeat then Swingbeat. An approach speakin’ of which a new production unit by the likes of Antonio L.A. Reid and Kenneth Babyface Edmonds made themselves the main providers. Most likely bringin’ former New Edition member Bobby Brown to the forefront with gems such as ‘Don’t Be Cruel’ or ‘My Prerogative’. Not to mention Karyn White with ‘The Way You Love Me’. Or takin’ on where Leon F Sylvers III left while producing the killer ‘Rock Steady’ for The Whispers among others.

Among the latters, most definitely comes the evergreen ‘Roses Are Red’ for Flint, MI group Mac Band. Most likely their biggest success ever, from their 1988 ‘Mac Band feat. The McCampbell Brothers’ album with remixing work courtesy of Louil Silas, Jr. And without a single doubt among L.A. & Babyface‘s signature cuts in terms of both production and sound. The whole served by uplifting lyrics.

The Mac Band saw the light back in the second half of the 80’s in Flint, MI. They comprised the brothers McCampbell (Charles, Derrick, Kevin and Ray) in charge of the vocals. But also Ray Flippin (bass), Sly Fuller (drums) and Mark Harper (guitar). Not to mention Rodney Frazier (Keyboards) who soon after joined Atlantic Starr.

‘Roses Are Red’, from their debut-album, with production work courtesy of L.A. & Babyface, gave them a #1 on the U.S. R&B chart. A score which they never managed to repeat after. Delivering a bunch a minor hits such as ‘Stuck’ and ‘Stalemate’.

The Mac Band prpgressively disappeared from the radar along with time, releasing 3 albums between 1988 and 1991.

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