Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Patti Jo – Ain’t No Love Lost (Scepter Records)

A Tom Moulton Mix says it all for those of us who’ve witnessed the arrival of Disco in the mid-70’s, but also the evolution of DJing with the release of the first ever 12″ records in the history of music along with the production of the very first remixes. A man, although humble enough to claim this was by accident, happens to be the originator of this major revolution. His name? Tom Moulton, a former model who’s worked at the Bookings and Ford Agencies, before being in charge of various jobs in the record industry which he left back at the end of the 60’s because of his disgust at their dishonesty.
His name is associated to some of the biggest names in the history of Disco, expanding when not giving their music a real club feel.
I remember Mel Cheren givin’ me this ‘Disco Gold’ compilation which Tom Moulton had been commissioned to put together back in 1975, fillin’ it with goodies which he eventually reedited such as this jewel by the likes of the transient Patti Jo, initially released as a 7 inch 3 years before with production work courtesy of the late Curtis Mayfield.
A definitely not to be missed collection later made available on CD format by British label BGP Records…

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