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Real Thing – Can You Feel The Force?

Classics: Real Thing – Can You Feel The Force? (PYE Records)

Liverpool not only saw the birth of The Beatles. But also the one of the biggest groups in the history of UK Disco: Real Thing!
Back in 1962, Eddy Amoo and his band, The Chants, made their debut appearence at the Cavern, playing 3 songs in the middle of a Beatles gig! Amoo would though score his first hit 14 later as a member of Real Thing along with his brother, Chris, among others.

‘You To Me Are Everything’, ‘Saint Or Sinner’, ‘She’s A Groovy Freak’, ‘Foot Tappin”… As many classics that would get Real Thing‘s to the forefront. Not to mention the horn led funky ‘Can You Feel The Force?’ produced by Ken Gold (Delegation, Billy Ocean…).

Real Thing saw the light in Liverpool by the dawn of the 70’s. Formerly known as The Sophisticated Soul Brothers, they got their name after a Coca Cola neon sign which their manager saw while waiting at a light in traffic. A fortet comprising vocalists Chris Amoo, Dave Smith, Eddie Amoo, Ray Lake and Kenny Davis, they spent their first 2 years on the cabaret circuit.

Real Thing released their debut-single – ‘Vicious Circle – back in 1972 on Bell Records. They then signed a record deal with EMI the year after. But their peak time would come after signing with Pye Records in 1975. A move which got them to work with producers Ken Gold and Mickey Denne. By that time, Eddy Amoo replaced Kenny Davis and the group eventually toured with David Essex. They scored their biggest succes the year after with the #1 hit ‘You To me Are Everything’. A song which most likely established them on the then emerging Soul/Disco scene. Other cuts worth the mention including ‘Can You Feel The Force’ back in 1978. But also ‘Saint Or Sinner’ (1979). Not to mention the James Mtume and Reggie Lucas produced ‘She’s A Groovy Freak’ after they switched to Calibre Records in 1980. Then ‘Foot Tappin” which Chris and Eddy Amoo produced in 1981.

Real Thing briefly collaborated with Johnny Bristol on ‘Love Takes Tears’ in 1982. Then with Nick Martinelli on ‘We Got Love’ after signing a record deal with RCA.
Chris and Eddie Amoo also happened to write and produce ‘In The Sky’, Loose Ends‘ debut-single, back in 1982.

Real Thing enjoyed extra recognition in 1986 with the remixing of some of their hits. From ‘You to Me Are Everything’ to ‘Can You Feel the Force?’

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