Friday, August 18, 2017

Rhythm Staircase – Popolar (Remix)

First Listen: Rhythm Staircase – Popolar (Justin Imperiale Remix) (Cabana)

Uh Uh… Could it be that we’ve got a spelling mistake on the title of this song? Of course, the first idea coming to mind as far as “Popolar” is concerned would be “Popular”. And it probably is.
Going further though, I thought it might be Spanish, but it’s the same as in English. Then I looked as other Latin languages such as Portuguese and Romanian with no more success at the end. And I couldn’t neither figure about the origins of the lyrics. As a matter of fact, I’m not even sure if they’re in Italian…

The overall flow lets think of some African dialect with an undeniable Latino/Caribbean feel. In the tradition of groups such as Kwanzaa Posse back in the 90’s although in a different vein. With Cabana label head Justin Imperiale turning it into an atmospheric Afro jazzy gem…
Download from Traxsource.

– DJing and production pair Rhythm Staircase have made themselves quite a reputation over the last two years. Hailing from Naples, Italy, Maurizio Porcaro and Stefano Riccardi have shaped a unique blend of House and Tech House vibes with a live feel. Taking obvious influences from African and Hispano Caribbean music. Something one could instantly catch when listening to their already substancial repertoire. With releases on labels such as House Tribe, Mo Black and Music is The Drug. But also King Street to name but a few.

Justin Imperiale has been around as a DJ, producer and artist for the last 15 years. Making himself a name for his atmoshepric Afro/Latin jazzy experimentations. Besides, he’s also the Founder/Owner & Executive Producer/A&R of American label Cabana Recordings. Under his own banner, his music has seen the light on countless labels. From Yoruba Records to, NuLu Records, Phuture Sole and Ocha Records in addition to his own imprint.

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