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Rose Royce – Love Don’t Live Here Anymore

Classics: Rose Royce – Love Don’t Live Here Anymore (Whitfield Records)

‘Love Don’t Live Here Anymore’ marked quite an interlude in the repertoire of Rose Royce. Leavin’ aside the infectious gems which had been for much on their growing reputation to embark on some downtempo territories.

As a matter of fact, producer Norman Whitfield had the idea of collaborating with British arranger/composer Paul Buckmaster. From then, The twosome decided to contact songwriter Miles Gregory. They soon after discovered he was under medication from overuse of drugs. And, therefore, that he was in a lot of pain at the time.
Gregory finally wrote the song though. This resulting in ‘Love Don’t Live Here Anymore’. A song which admittedly found its inspiration in the man’s own situation and his deteriorating physical health. And what a masterpiece he wrote at the end. Most likely givin’ a double meaning to his lyrics. Meanwhile Gwen Guthrie‘s sultry performance was to bring the whole to some unequalled level.

“You abandoned me, love don’t live here anymore. Just a vacancy, love don’t live here anymore. When you lived inside of me, There was nothing I could conceive that you wouldn’t do for me. Trouble seemed so far away. You changed that right away, baby…”

Countless cover versions of this jewel appeared along with time without ever beating the original. Although The Basement Boys gave it an oustanding uptempoed interpretation back in 1988 with remix courtesy of Tony Humphries.

According to Songfacts, this song was written by Miles Gregory after his wife left him, emptied the house and wrote in lipstick on the bedroom wall “Love don’t live here anymore.”

Formed in Los Angeles, CA in the early 70’s, Rose Royce (Magic Wand at the time) started as backing musicians with Edwin Starr who introduced them to producer Norman Whitfield. They would soon after act as a studio band for Undisputed Truth whose bandleader introduced singer Gwen Dickey to Whitfield. And Rose Royce was born, makin’ their debut with the memorable ‘Theme From Car Wash’.

The central theme to Joel Schumacher written film of the likes would be the very first of an impressive series of hot jams for the band. Among their classics, ‘Wishing On A Star’, ‘Do Your Dance’ and ‘Love Don’t Live here Anymore’. Not to mention ‘Still In Love’ or ‘Is It Love You’re After’ among others.

The arrival of the 80’s would also mark the progressive beginning of the end for the band, although they keep on touring regularly in the UK.

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